Two new ambient pieces

I recently completed two new ambient works which I posted on my Soundcloud page. One of which I got a little carried away with over time. It ended up almost 2 hours long which made the other 33 minute effort seem quite short. Please scroll down to read the review from Richy Tronik. The review was posted on Richy’s blog and also on Ambient Online’s forum. Check it out and also have a listen.       Richy Tronk’s review of both “Those Who Cross the Sea” and “A Passing Thought” Be sure to check out the review and music, plus visit Richy’s excellent blog.   I listened to these two tracks earlier this morning, but it was only a quick listen as I had to go out. But now that I am back home I can give them both a proper in depth listen. I am now listening to Those who Cross The Sea Change The Sky. I am coming into

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